Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cynthia's in Jewelry - Cynthia Himmelsbach

In returning to our regularly scheduled programming, this morning's find is Cynthia Himmelsbach of California.

As a side, one of the interesting things that I have noted in this journey to find Cynthias is that it is often very hard to figure out where the artist is from. This particular one doesn't have an address listed, let along town. The only clue is the statement on sales tax being charged in the state of California.

This particular Cynthia has used her childhood interest in beads as a stepping stone to her work in jewellery. She also took advantage of her 30 year career as a flight attendant to "bring home interesting findings, beads and rare objects from all over the world". She cited her job flexibility as a contributor to her ability to pursue her jewellery studies in "beading, wire-wrapping and metalsmithing".

I do like her work, it is organic in nature and ethnically inspired.

"Sea Wheel Ring"

Enjoy and until next Tuesday, go browse the web.

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