Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The End is Neigh or What's Up

And now that I have your attention, the end happened for the previous blog look and it has been updated. Much better IMHO.

The important things are what's happening now and soon:

The Barracks Shops are open again this year and I am back in the Garrison Studio shop. Stop in. The shops are all local artisan work and it is Fredericton's best kept secret.

The New Brunswick Crafts Council is having its annual fine craft show and sale in the Rothesay Commons this weekend, July 9 (10-6) & 10 (11-5). It took me awhile to make up my mind about going but some friends talked me into it. Assuming that they will still be friends on Sunday night since we are all bunking in and travelling together for the show.

Fredericton Pride is presenting the Alt + ♥ Art Market at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on July 30th. Should be a fun event with art, music and craft from 1-4 and portions of the sale proceeds going to Pride.

The NBCC is also going to host a Biennale show at Government House this year from 14 July to 25 August. I'm submitting, so with any luck, I'll also be exhibiting.

And on the visual art front, I've been hitting the ink pretty hard lately and have some cool stuff happening. Prints are for sale at the Garrison shop and will be at the Alt+♥ market too. At the moment I am contemplating what to do for the "Lost and Found" exhibition at the Arts Centre.

Lastly, there is a new craft show in town with the Fredericton Fall Craft Show, October 1&2. Mailed my application yesterday.

One of these days I'll bring you up to date on the past year. It's been a wild ride.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

News - Old and New

Downtown Fredericton has restarted their Thursday afternoon artisans market in the Wilmot Alley that runs between King and Queen Streets. It's a pleasant little market with all hand made craft, visual artworks and music. Worth dropping in to see between 4 and 8, if not to see me, than to see the other artisans or listen to some cool beats. Rain location for days like today is King's Place Mall center court.

The Fredericton Arts Alliance, that has been providing a summer residency program for a number of years, is holding their residencies at the York Sunbury Museum this summer. Located in gorgeous downtown Fredericton's Historic District, and it's not hard to find which of the 2 city blocks it's on.

My residency starts on Saturday July 24th. My residency partner for the week is Leigh Merritt, a talented potter that I had the pleasure of working with last summer at the casemates. I am looking forward to seeing what Leigh has planned for the week, while I am wracking my brain for inspiration regarding the word "Metamorphosis" for the upcoming Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia's annual competition and exhibition.

Monday, July 5, 2010

River Valley Craft Show

All good things must come to an end and something else will refresh it and take its place.

Those of us that are fortunate enough to participate in the first River Valley Craft Show are hoping for a glorious weather day on Saturday July 10th in Quispamsis, New Brunswick as we take over the Art and Culture Park at 12 Landing Court.

This show will be fine craft as it is only juried members of the New Brunswick Crafts Council. This show is effectively replacing the Rothesay Fine Crafts Festival which didn't happen to get off the ground this year.

See you there.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cynthia's in Jewelry - Cynthia Himmelsbach

In returning to our regularly scheduled programming, this morning's find is Cynthia Himmelsbach of California.

As a side, one of the interesting things that I have noted in this journey to find Cynthias is that it is often very hard to figure out where the artist is from. This particular one doesn't have an address listed, let along town. The only clue is the statement on sales tax being charged in the state of California.

This particular Cynthia has used her childhood interest in beads as a stepping stone to her work in jewellery. She also took advantage of her 30 year career as a flight attendant to "bring home interesting findings, beads and rare objects from all over the world". She cited her job flexibility as a contributor to her ability to pursue her jewellery studies in "beading, wire-wrapping and metalsmithing".

I do like her work, it is organic in nature and ethnically inspired.

"Sea Wheel Ring"

Enjoy and until next Tuesday, go browse the web.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News Round-up

We will returned to our regularly scheduled programming next week, but there were just too many fun titbits in the news this morning for me to ignore this opportunity to share...

Everyone is going green, including the Indian military which is set to weaponize the world's hottest chili as a form of non-toxic tear gas... I'd say that's rather cool, except the pepper measures in at more than 1,000,000 Scoville units, so that's hot, hot, hot and then some.

Now this headline got my attention: You have to go through Murder to get to Purgatory, and it lead to this web which has the entire quiz on oddly named places. I've always liked oddly named places.

Spice adds life too apparently, not that some things aren't the spice of life, but cinnamon is really good for you, which means that I now have a perfectly good scientific excuse to have my cinnamon-sugared toast in the morning.

Lastly on the fun side was a little article on an Argentinian vegetarian spider, who knew?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cynthia's in Jewelry - Cynthia Nash

Cynthia Nash is a jewellery designer from Nashville, Tennessee who uses Swarovski crystals in her designs.

The collection that caught my eye was "My Aunt Grace" where she states "She loved amethyst, and I loved her. It is simply wonderful, just like "my Aunt Grace."" My great Aunt Grace loved her amethyst as well. I remember as a child staring into her jewel box and admiring the amethyst rings and earrings. She had collected a couple of stunner's, which now would be antique, as they certainly would have been vintage already.

My Aunt recently passed away one day shy of her 92nd birthday on the 10th of March. She was the dynamic spinster aunt, who travelled around the world and worked across Canada. She was a women's liberationist before anyone really knew what the word meant. Married at 16, soon with 2 children, and separated from an incredibly abusive husband in her very early 20's; she made a decision to live and left her small rural Nova Scotia home for Halifax where she started in domestic services and then moved on to nurse's training and worked in the mental hospital. From there she worked in the 'old ladies' home', went to Windsor, NS for another job, so that she could be closer to her own family. When her mother died there was no great need to stay in the area, so she left for the west. Working with the First Nations youth in the Yukon, then Manitoba, then a girl's school in Ontario, and finally ending up at a very exclusive girl's school in Vancouver. After retirement, she returned to Windsor, Nova Scotia.

I adored her. The only glitch in our relationship occurred in the late 80's, when it was disclosed that her son was one of Canada's more notable poets and a long-time writer in residence at UNB. Those were difficult years and I mourned her passing long before it happened. We made up in recent years and had some nice visits. I will always be grateful for her influence and her assertion that not every woman is maternal material. I will always be grateful for the advice to follow your heart and your dreams. Life is richer because she lived.

Stumbling upon Cynthia Nash's collection for "My Aunt Grace" is rather serendipitous.

Until next Tuesday...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cynthia's in Jewelry - Cynthia Bloom

Today's hunt turned up Cynthia Bloom Collectible Jewelry.

Cynthia Bloom of Austin, Texas, started her work in jewellery in 2001 when she reconstructed a vintage glass bead necklace and started to sell her pieces at the restaurant where she worked. She now has a good distribution of retail stores across the US through her wholesale efforts.

She focuses on using vintage, antique and rare Austrian, Czechoslovakian and Italian glass and crystals. There is a nice section on bead history on her web.

It is the vintage/antique glass that makes these pieces interesting and give, what could look like the more ordinary contemporary beading, a splashy and unique flare.

So until next Tuesday, go browse the web.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cynthia's in Jewelry - Cynthia Gale

A brilliant thought hit me on the weekend: blog about other Cynthia's that make and/or design jewelry. Not a hard thing to find really, looks like there are a lot of us. It will be a rather fun adventure meandering around the web seeing what other Cynthia's do.

The first hit this morning yielded "Cynthia Gale", a Manhattan-based jewelry designer, who has designed a line of sterling silver work for the New-York Historical Society.

To quote the press release: "
Manhattan-based sterling silver jewelry designer, Cynthia Gale, is creating a buzz with her new Signature Collection, The City That Never Sleeps. The result of a collaboration with the New-York Historical Society, the jewelry is an aesthetic tribute to the New-York Historical Society’s Irving Browning collection, which consists of 1,885 gelatin silver photographic prints and ephemera relating to his career as a photographer and cinematographer."

Here is Cynthia Gale's site: Geo Art

So until next Tuesday, go browse the web.