Tuesday, September 30, 2008


... in our little part of New Brunswick.

This is one of the few look-offs on the Saint John River just up river from home. A beautiful spot but the turning leaves are not too obvious yet.

Here the oak leaves on single tree have changed to a deep red and the green ones are just showing the stain of autumn changes. The Maple trees however are in full regalia of reds and yellows.

It is gorgeous time of year, and one that I can easily overlook because it is the beginning of "show season". The weeks get a little bit busier because we're making jewellery for the shows and the shows are more plentiful now, taking up a full weekends with days on each side for travel rather than just a Saturday here or there.

Autumn is a season of celebration for many as it is a time of Thanksgiving for the bountiful harvests of the gardens and crops.

We planted squash in a compost pile this year, we didn't have great expectations as we figured the squirrels would get to the seed before they could germinate. Germinate they did and as a result of the nutrient rich compost, the vines grew well over 20' in some cases. This good sized squash is on a vine that climbed a small fir tree near the patch

A honey bee is making the effort to gather nectar from a golden-rod.

Crab apples at the ready await processing for the jelly jar.

The last of the bunchberries, which also makes delicious jellies, awaits harvest by birds or even the bear.

Autumn can also be a time of discontent as we slip from our long summer days to cooler shorter days and the changes denote the impending transition to the cold darker winter months but when spring does start to arrive the dried sumac blossoms are still in place for the first robins who feast upon them with gusto.

So instead of rushing through fall and into winter, I took the time to wander around our yard and enjoy the late blooming flowers and the changes in the foliage and to realize that the sky is the most vibrant blue and clear of haze, while the clouds are crisp whites and greys.

Painted daisies still bloom in our gardens.

Delicate poppies and ferny cosmos outlasted the summer heats and rains and early light frosts and have only now started to bloom and share their colours.

I have always liked cosmos, they have a sweet scent, but mostly because they were always in my grandmother's gardens and they remind me of her.

The nasturtiums, a peppery edible flower and leaf, are still glowing with colours that will rival the leaves until we have a hard frost that will lay the poor annuals low and mark the end of their season.

But the delicate pink tinged blossoms of the hydrangea can be harvested and dried and brought inside for a winter long bouquet that promises us the renewal of spring and all the opportunities for life that it brings.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jewellery Lessons

I have finally committed to teaching some jewellery lessons after being asked by numerous folks for quite some time. The Nashwaaksis United Church has generously opened their doors to us for this.

Classes will start on the 1st of October with the option to take 1 or both parts of any particular class as well as whether they are taken in the same week on Tuesday and Wednesday or on subsequent weeks Tuesday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Wednesday.

Class descriptions and prices can be found here on our web: http://www.mboot.net/Lessons.html

Call if you have questions and especially of you want to book a class as space is limited to 8 students per class.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finished and Photographed 2

More new pieces made, photographed and up on the web. Eventually I will get the sale information up there too.

For starters, I've had a lot of fun making several new pairs of earrings including these green fresh water pearls Peas in a Pod.

Went to work reworking some sterling framework from some failed ideas and crafted a few Crystals in Cages, including this tourmaline chunk that is quite pink on the other side.

These gorgeous Citrines had been in gem jars for 3 years at least. Finally got the nerve to work them into a rich set accented with weaving and a pear shaped CZ.

Also languishing in my gem jars were these amethysts. Again some weaving and incorporated some faceted amethyst beads and quartz into the pendant.

A purchase at the recent gem & mineral show were these large amethyst nuggets which lend themselves royally to sterling net earrings.
For more new items just hop onto the jewelry pages of our web.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun, Food & Friends

Fun, Food & Friends: Sunday Evening Drop-in

This is program that is being offered by the Nashwaaksis United Church , and is a free event on the third Sundays of the month. Right now they have plans for September 21, October 19, November 16 and December 21.

The doors open at 4 with a supper being served at 5 and the talent show starts at 6. Artists and artisans as well as wellness professionals will be on hand throughout the evening for fun and learning.

To learn more, call Mary at 458-9452 or check their web or just show up.

David and I will be there on the 21st helping with a "make and take" jewellery project.

We're looking forward to this opportunity to connect with more folks in the community.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Finished and Photographed

Finally, posting some pics of some new work:

This is Flower Slide with a peridot coloured Swarovski Gem prong set in the middle.
It was a piece that just didn't come together the way I initially wanted and so it sat unfinished for a couple of weeks. I think that this actually turned out pretty good what looked like a disaster when it was being made for the MAGNS competition.

This is Freak 2, based on Paranoid Freak 1, which ironically I have yet to photograph. Fresh water pearls in greys and light mauves are woven into a soldered frame.

And because I hate to waste material, and I didn't think that the ring from last years MAGNS competition was worth tossing in the show submissions box as a keeper, it has been renovated into this funky twisted pendant and earrings with round faceted garnet beads.
Check out our web's jewellery pages to hunt for more new items that aren't being show here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Open Your Eyes- Art Trek 2008 - October 18 &19

Maria, who looks after all of us with the FAA just sent over the final line-up and studio locations for the Trek. Here it is:

Images Studio: Katie FitzRandolph (Oil and watercolourist), Chris Harding (Surface Designer) Guest artist: Lynda Rae Burke (Painting), Location: CSAC, 732 Charlotte Street Phone: 454-6952

Studio 202: Laurie Winter,(Painting), Line Lagacé-Basque, (Painting), Margaret Bannister(painting), Guy Vezina(Painting), Location: CSAC, 732 Charlotte Street, Phone: 454-6952

“Loominations” Studio : Karen LeBlanc\Loominations (Weaving) Guest artists: Jan Ashton(Weaving), Kathy Tidswell, (fibre artist), Cynthia andDavid Ryder (Jewellery Design), Location: 94 Grasse Circle, Phone: 457-1443

studio4ward: WhiteFeather (fibre artist), Deanna Musgrave , Marie Fox, Ian Miller,(Painting) Guest artist: Joyce Ripley (Painting) Location: 384 Queen Street, Suite 7 (top floor), Phone: 455-8932

161 Victoria St. Artist: Stephen May (Painting), Guest artist: Derek Davidson (Painting) Location: 161 Victoria St, Phone: 459-7379

23 Southhall Court: Rita Sassani (Scultpure and Painting) Guest artist: Sandi McKessock(Painting) Location: 23 Southhall Court, Phone number: 206-0898

22 Grey Street: Jane Geurts (Painting)Paula Keppie- Mixed Media, Harriet Taylor- Mixed Media, Gillian McLean- Painting, Peter Gross- Photo, Linda Brine- Fiber Art, Location: 22 Grey Street, Phone: 455-1467

239 George Street: Sarah Petite (painting), Location: 239 George Street, Phone: 454 3285

This looks like it should make for a fun weekend for everyone that has an interest in art and fine craft. Many of the particpants are well recognized by their peers, award winners and members of various arts groups including juried craft council members.

The Art Trek opening will be on 17 October, Friday evening at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. So mark your calendars.

Show wrap-up & Art Trek

Thank you to everyone that supported us this weekend at the NBCC show. Your compliments are always appreciated.

Overall, the weekend was a bit slower than usual for a lot of the craftspeople in attendance. The weather on Friday didn't help but Saturday and most of Sunday were pretty nice until the wind picked up on Sunday afternoon, which means for some, "the flight of the mugs", as various pieces of handcraft get blown off shelves which is never a good way to end a show.

On the up-side, we now know our location for the upcoming Fredericton Arts Alliance Art Trek, on the 18 & 19 of October. We will be a Karen LeBlanc's weaving studio Loominations, on Grasse Circle off Clements Drive on the northside. I'll post more info on this as I get it in. That will be our next and last Fredericton appearance for this year, unless something different happens.